Description: The product “FREYA-AQUA” is a high-quality concentrated solution of humic substances, saturated with necessary physiologically active complexes and complex of microelements for improving of soil fertility, accelerating the growth and development of crops, increasing its resistance to diseases, adverse effects of pesticides and adverse weather conditions. Used for seed processing, extra-nutrition, and also as additional feeding in technologies such as small irrigation projects.

  • Increases harvest from 10 to 20%;
  • Increases vigor and seed germination;
  • Accelerates growth, increases resistance to adverse environmental factors and diseases;
  • Stimulates biochemical, metabolic processes and fertilization;
  • Promotes improvement of quality indicators of commercial yield.
Composition, g/l
N P K Cu Fe Zn Mn B Mo Co Ni
50 50 50 5 0,5 6,5 5 4 0,2 0,025 0,05

Humic substances – to 4%. Microelements are chelated according to standard complexones EDTA. B (boron) is in organic polyanionic membrana-producing form, Мо (molybdenum) is in the form of complex ion exchange complex of cation with humic and organic phosphonic acids. 

Plant Phase of development Application rate of the product *
Watermelon, melon, squash, pumpkin etc Soaking of seeds 1 ml of fertilizer per 2 l of water per 1 kg of seeds during 5-6 hours
Formation of tops 1-2 L of fertilizer per 100-300 l of water per 1 ha
Budding (before flowering) 1-2 L of fertilizer per 100-300 of water per 1 ha

* The amount of concentrated product and water depends on plants condition, phase of development and type of an applied sprayer. 

Foliar treatment is recommended to conduct together with carbamide (5-8 kg / ha). Simultaneous introduction of crop protection products is possible. Before use, it is recommended to test products for compatibility – to perform test preparation of working solution. When mixing, the mixture should not precipitate, slight turbidity is allowed. 


Producer: Freya-Agro LLC, Ukraine, 19500, Cherkasy region., Horodyshche city, 94 А Panfilova Str., tell: (0472) 50-78-54, (067) 214-09-86, (067) 472-60-91, (067) 472-60-93

Safety measures: In case of contact with eyes or skin, a light skin irritation is possible. Rinse with plenty of running water. Get medical attention if adverse health effects persist or are severe.


Warranty period: 12 months at temperatures above 5 ° C 

Protect from moisture and sunlight in well ventilated warehouses.

Production date is indicated on the package.

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    Are you planning to buy a large volume?
    And do you need a discount?

    Request a call and we will contact you
    with an interesting offer!