The Freya® Company Group includes enterprises: SP “Freya-Agro”, LLC “Freya Trade”, LLC “Libera-Agro”.

Since its establishment in 2011, the group’s enterprise (SP “Freya-Agro”) has been producing various fertilizers based on humic acids of lowland peat with the addition of macro- and microelements, monofertilizers based on organic polyborates and fertilizers based on OEDF enriched with potassium humate.

The production plants are located in the city of Horodyshche, Cherkasy region, and in the village of Ok, Bashtan district, Mykolaiv region. With the help of our own stationary laboratory, we control the quality of our products at every stage of production.

Together with specialized research institutes, we constantly improve the quality characteristics of our fertilizers. The results of field tests convincingly prove their effectiveness.

Companies that are part of the Freya® Group: “Freya Trade” LLC sell fertilizers both of their own production and mineral fertilizers of their own import from warehouses in the city of Horodyshche and from cargo terminals in the city of Smila, Cherkasy region, and the village of Dobre of Bashtan district of Mykolaiv region. Using warehouses and terminals, as well as a network of our representatives in various regions of Ukraine, we provide fertilizers to farmers throughout the country. Recently, they began to implement a comprehensive program for the sale of products of their own production abroad.

“Libera-Agro” LLC is engaged in the purchase of grain crops both directly and on the terms of mutual settlements for previously ordered fertilizers. And also transshipment of grain crops according to the car-carriage-port scheme.

The company provides services of functional express diagnostics of the state of mineral nutrition of plants using the mobile laboratory “AGROVEKTOR PF-014”. Operational control of feeding conditions and, in accordance with it, adjustment of norms, methods and terms of fertilizer application, make it possible to increase their efficiency by 20-30%. The analysis is carried out directly in the field and takes 40 minutes. Diagnostic results are ready in 1.5-2 hours, depending on the set of diagnostic measures.

The main task of the Freya® Company Group was and remains the comprehensive fulfillment of the farmers need in various fertilizers, which not only increase the yield, but also improve the quality of the grown products and increase the fertility of the soil.


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