Nitrogen fertilizers are inorganic and organic substances that contain nitrogen. They are widely used to enrich the soil with nitrogen and increase the yield of various types of crops. They are mainly applied during the period of intensive growth of green mass, which will contribute to the formation of a strong stem and a developed root system. The lack of this component in the soil will eventually negatively affect the yield, quality and size of the fruits.


Types of nitrogen fertilizers

The Freya® group of companies offers modern nitrogen fertilizers based on urea and ammonium nitrate with the addition of trace elements, humic complexes, and physiologically active components.

The catalog of our company’s products includes Frey® CAM-Active™ nitrogen fertilizers themselves, as well as a stubble destructor based on them.
In their composition, nitrogen is in three forms:

  1. Ammonia: 25%
  2. Nitrate: 25%
  3. Amidine: 25%

All of them are non-volatile, so they can be used for surface application without digging into the soil. The presence of humic substances allows you to apply Freya® CAM-Active™ on frozen soil, because the fertilizer begins to crystallize at a temperature of minus 19°C, and completely freezes at minus 28°C (in contrast to ordinary CAM, which has a freezing temperature of -2°C). But when the temperature increases, the fertilizer completely restores its properties and can be used for field treatment. It is supplied in 10 and 20 liter canisters or tanks from 1 to 40 tons.


What are nitrogen fertilizers used for?

Nitrogen fertilizers are used for the main, pre-sowing application, for early spring (before the recovery of spring vegetation) and foliar fertilization of agricultural crops, as well as as a destructor to accelerate the decomposition of plant residues.

The effect of using nitrogen fertilizers

The use of Freya® CAM-Active™ nitrogen fertilizers is capable of:

  • increase crop yield by 15-30%;
  • increase the resistance of crops to adverse weather conditions;
  • makes the period of photosynthetic activity of plants longer.

Nitrogen fertilizers ensure maximum assimilation of nitrogen by plants, do not harm the green mass in case of foliar treatment, guarantee uniformity of application. The destructor makes the processes of mineralization and humification of organic residues more effective, and accelerates their decomposition by an average of 1.2-2 times compared to natural decomposition.


The method of using nitrogen fertilizers

Freya® CAM-Active™ nitrogen fertilizers are completely ready for use. Immediately before applying, they only need to be dissolved in water in the given proportion. With their help, the soil is treated before planting to saturate it with nitrogen and foliar fertilization. The optimal dose of fertilizer application is determined by the following factors:

  • predecessor culture;
  • weather conditions during the application period;
  • technological recommendations depending on the system chosen for soil treatment;
  • variety or hybrid requirements and other indicators.

The average consumption is 250-300 liters per 1 ha of area. More detailed information on the features of using Freya® CAM-Active™ nitrogen fertilizers for nitrogen fertilization or as a destructor can be obtained from the specialists of our company:

Frequently asked questions about nitrogen fertilizers:

Under what conditions can fields be treated with Freya® CAM-Active™ nitrogen fertilizers?

We recommend root feeding on a dry leaf surface in the morning or evening. Please note: if the air temperature is above +20°C, it is not recommended to process crops.

I plan to apply nitrogen fertilizers at the same time as fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators. How to prepare a suitable solution?

When applied simultaneously with fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, dilute with water 1:3, and when applied with herbicides on cereals in the budding phase – 1:4-5.

How to calculate the dose of introduction of the destructor?

For the destruction of straw, stalks, chaff, it is necessary to apply 15 kg (11-12 l) of Freya® KAS-Active™ or 13 kg (9-10 l) of KAS-32 per 1 ton of plant residues.